Lochnagar, Queenstown – Mountain Weddings

Lochnagar is one of our favourite alpine lakes. Okay…you’re starting to see a pattern here – we honestly love every location we adventure to!! Anyway, Lochnagar is a spectacular, isolated lake surrounded by mountains and filled with the clearest waters. It is about 3x bigger than Lake Erskine, with multiple different landing spots that each showcase something different. The Twin Beaches provide sweeping pebble bays right on the water, while the Hiking Hut has awesome vintage character and an intimate shore surrounded by huge rocks and boulders. The western end has a hidden waterfall and is more wild; we often see deer running up in the forested hills. Plus more!

Our base package for a Mountain Wedding includes:

Wedding planning by Mountain Weddings
Photos by award winning team at Williams Photography – three hours, capturing first look, heli shoot and ground photos
Sneak peek images for social media
Edited full resolution images within an online private gallery
Squirrel Helicopter to Lochnagar with One hour shutdown
Flight Time of 20 minutes each way (approx)
Marriage Celebrant
Two Witnesses
Luxury 4×4 ground transport
Complimentary bottle of Champagne

For a second landing, we love pairing it with locations like Coromandel Peak, Tyndall Glacier or Vanguard Peak.

You can also choose to include some of our optional extras, like hair and makeup or beautiful flowers designed to your style.