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Destination Wedding New Zealand
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When is the best month?

We love the conditions all year round for various reasons. Summer is warm and comfortable, autumn (April) we get gorgeous colours for the ground photos, and winter – plenty of snow, but you’ll need extra layers. Spring is getting warmer, still some snow on the higher peaks, but it can be windier.


How do we get to the airport?

We include ground transport within our vehicles (modern 4×4 with leather seats), which are fully licensed for carrying passengers. If you want something a little fancier, there’s options of classic Daimlers/Rolls Royce/Chevy’s and also self drive options within a sports car such as a Lamborghini Gallardo or an Audi R8.


What shoes can I wear?

We always suggest enclosed shoes for the mountain – heels can be worn for the ground photos, but the mountains have plenty of uneven ground and snow in heels just doesn’t go.


Which suppliers do you work with?

Over the years of being based in and around Queenstown, we’ve come to known the best wedding suppliers in the industry. We love to work with suppliers who complement our brand and have an emphasis on quality. We can provide some options for videography, and offer seasonal flower varieties.

Who is the celebrant?

We regularly work with a number of great celebrants. They are independent celebrants (not associated with any particular religion) and we can either provide a small list for you to check over, or if you’re happy we can make a decision for you on who we feel will be the best fit.


Can my family come?

With the Squirrel helicopter, we typically have 1-2 spare seats depending on weights and whether there’s a videographer or not. Some locations are more suitable to additional helicopters with more landing space. One of our favourite spots for multiple helicopters is Bayonet Peaks.


What about those epic night shots?

The good thing is we love them! If the conditions are practical for your wedding date (ideally with no moon in the sky and some clear skies), we can capture some incredible night sky shots around the South Island. 


How soon do we get the photos?

We deliver a handful of sneak peek photos within a few days, and then have a guaranteed delivery period of two months.


How do we book?

We take a 20% non-refundable deposit + signed booking agreement to lock in your date. Final payment is then due three weeks prior to your wedding date.