Jade + Chase | Queensberry Album

Jade & Chase celebrated their love for each other in the most amazing way – just getting married in the mountains of New Zealand, thousands of miles from their home in the USA! As if jumping in a helicopter to two of our favourite locations wasn’t fantastic enough, they also chose to create unique albums to remember their day by. Choosing Queensberry’s Duo Album with its timeless and elegant style, Jade and Chase also opted for quite a minimal layout style with added pages to ensure they could include all of their favourite photos. Trust us – it is HARD to bring your gallery of 200-300+ images down to the 40 or 50 within an album!! Jade & Chase’s album came together beautifully and is now being loved and enjoyed at home in the States.

Some of the finer details:

14×10″ Queensberry Duo Album with 2x 10″ parent copies

Genuine vintage leather in the “Storm” finish

Cover names blind embossed in the script “Windsong” in a custom larger size

Lots of love and an enormous thank you to Queensberry for crafting Jade & Chase’s album for us.